Thursday, 12 November 2015

Community Engagement Learning Opportunity

The Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement is hosting a three day workshop, Community Engagement: The Next Generation, on the latest tools, techniques, and technology for community engagement. A leading voice and practitioner of community engagement in Canada and internationally, the Tamarack Institute has worked closely with the AMA to develop and implement the Community Engagement Initiative.

The workshop takes place November 24 - 26, 2015 in Edmonton and is being presented by Tamarack’s Paul Born, Louise Mehlihan, and Rachel Gainer.

Tamarack believes this new generation of community engagement is profound.  It requires a new way of thinking about audiences, available resources, and interactive engagement. 
At Community Engagement: The Next Generation, delegates will:
  •   Explore the latest engagement techniques
  •    Interact with transformative technology
  •     Learn to apply proven techniques to initiate and maintain engagement

The workshop will focus on the latest engagement techniques and technology that will transform how to engage with clients, customers, funders, and partners. Through dialogue with leaders in the field of engagement and social change, delegates will enhance their capacity to effectively hear the voices of those they serve and learn key strategies to mobilize them towards a collective impact. 
Participants will explore and learn to apply:
  •       A toolkit for Community Engagement practices
  •      Proven techniques that companies have been using for years to increase customer loyalty
  •       Systems change theory and the role engagement plays in building movements for change
  •      Engagement technologies and the amazing power these have given us to listen to and communicate effectively with large groups of people

AMA members, and those with an interest in community engagement, are encouraged to attend this event. Discounts are available for colleagues who enroll together. To learn more or to register, please visit the Community Engagement event page.

For more information, contact

Interested in the workshop but cannot attend?  Follow the conversation on twitter through @AlbertaMuseums and  #EngageYEG.

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